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The Piste Office - Atomic Neox Binding Adjustment
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I've owned a few pairs of Atomic skis & their Neox bindings, apart from their weight, are great bindings. One of their main benefits being the ability to adjust the fore/aft position to obtain the correct balance point (see the Binding Position Analysis section in 'Services'). Unfortunately most Atomic owners are unaware of this facility, probably becasue the Atomic instructions are pretty useless, so here's my guide to adjust the binding position:

Pic 1

Tip of ski to the left. The grey plastic 'switch piece' indicator points to the forward (left) position. Boot length size is centred in the windows. 31cm shown as my boot sole length is 314mm &  Atomic's instructions recommend that you round down to the nearest cm, hence 31cm. You then use the forward pressure screw for the final adjustment (see pic 8).


Pic 2

Undo the screw in the switch piece with a #3 posidrive screwdriver & lift off the switch piece containing the undone screw.


Pic 3

With the switch piece removed the two binding position threaded holes can be seen. The left one (towards the tip) is used for the forward position & the right one (towards the tail) for the central position.


Pic 4

Remove the black plastic middle cover piece by lifting/jiggling it upwards to expose the front & rear binding boot length scales.


Pic 5

The notch in the black plastic base plate shows the boot length scale alignment position for the forward position. As you can see the 31cm marks (for my boots) on each scale are aligned with this.


Pic 6

The raised line on the side of the base plate shows the alignment position for the two boot length scales should the central position be required.


Pic 7

To alter the binding position (or the boot length) slightly raise & separate both boot length scales to release the locating teeth underneath then slide/tap the bindings in the desired direction so that both boot length scales match either the forward position notch or the central position line. Replace the middle cover & then the switch piece, pointing of course to the appropriate forward or central ‘label' on the middle piece. The boot length scale should read the same in both windows, ie 31 in both windows for a 310mm boot length.


Pic 8

With boot installed in the binding the forward adjustment screw should be flush with the face of the inner recess of the binding housing. Note: This screw must ONLY be adjusted with the boot removed from the binding or the internal ratchet/thread can be damaged.


Pic 9

The right hand arrow shows the ski's centre indicator mark moulded on to the black base plate. The left hand arrow shows my boot's centre mark. If my bindings were set to the central position then the boot centre line would be above the ski's centre line. As my bindings are in the forward position the boot centre line is about 1cm forward (towards the ski tip) of the ski's centre line.


Pic 10

Boot colour must always match skis!

Further Information:

It is perfectly acceptable to play around with the fore/aft binding position to find a position that suits you best however, most people ski the b5's at the forward setting. After being ‘Campbell Balanced' I now ski mine about 1cm further forward than the forward position (not shown in the pics).

If you use anything other than the standard factory forward or central positions, the correct boot length numbers will no longer appear in the switch piece windows. Instead the boot length figures in window, when added together & divided by two, should equal your boot length. You don't need to round down to the nearest cm as stated in the Pic 1 note as this isn't always possible. For example, to achieve the ‘1cm even further forward' position on my b5's the toe binding window reads 325 & the heel binding window reads 305.

Rather than a ‘whole' number being centred in the switch piece window, for a 325mm toe length simply centre the line on the scale that's between the 32 & 33 in the middle of the window, & then centre the line on the heel binding scale that's between the 30 & 31 in the middle of the window. Therefore 325+305=630 divided by 2 = 315 for my boot length of 314mm. Don't forget to reset the forward pressure adjustment as per Pic 8.

All adjustments are undertaken at your own risk & I'd recommend having a suitably qualified person check over any adjustments made prior to using the bindings - in particular the forward pressure adjustment.