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Equipment choice, especially boots & skis, is really a personal choice but
for gear geeks here's what I use & can recommend in terms of quality,
function, reliability, durability and manufacturer's support etc:

Skis (I'm 175cm tall & weigh 78g)
Whitedot Ranger CarbonLite 186cm
This British brand carbon hybrid construction ski, which is manufactured
to a very high standard in Poland, is my go to all mountain/freeride/touring
310mm rockered tip with a short slightly rockered semi-pintail.
28m radius.
2mm camber.
1400mm effective edge.
Mega durable aluminium tail protector (which looks like a fish tail) with a
a large cut-out for locating skin clips. 
Very light for their size at only 3704g per pair in the flat.
Edges tuned to 1,4 degrees.
Mounted with Dynafit Beast 16 bindings on the FR line in Quiver Killer
inserts & the toes have been shimmed to give a +2mm delta angle. 
Total weight per pair mounted is only 5854g. 
The carbon hybrid construction keeps the swing weight really low so
they can really be thrown around for such a big ski. Simply the mutts
nuts freeride touring ski! The tip rocker makes light work of variable
snow, crud & windslab. The stiffness in the mid section & high torsional
stiffness gives great hard snow edge hold for a ski of this width whilst the
tail shape can either lock in to the turn or smear as required. Long radius 
gives excellent stability on drops or high speed run outs.

Down CD3 Carbon 190cm
This Swiss brand carbon hybrid construction ski is manufactured in the
same Polish factory that makes Whitedot skis.
Continuous elliptical 350mm low rockered tip & 300mm low rockered tail. 
29m radius tip section, 41m radius underfoot & 35m radius in the tail.  
Zero camber.
1250mm effective edge.
Very light for their size at only 4275g per pair in the flat.
Edges tuned to 1,4 degrees.
Mounted with Dynafit Beast 16 bindings at -9.5cm from true centre in
Quiver Killer inserts & the toes have been shimmed to give a +2mm delta
Total weight per pair mounted is only 6425g.
The CD3C's flat camber & long tip'n'tail rocker makes them super 
manoeuvrable & they can be pivoted on a dime! Almost straight sidecut 
gives superb stability on drops or high speed run outs. Awesome float with
a tip that will never dive. Superb soft snow/powder ski for 'big days' but still
light enough for skinning. On proper hard pack they could be described as
anything from interesting to scary depending upon the users ability!

Blizzard Brahma 180cm
270mm rockered tip with a flat tail.  
19m radius.
4mm camber.
1530mm effective edge.
4029g per pair in the flat.
Edges tuned to 1,4 degrees.
Mounted with Dynafit Beast 16 bindings on the line in Quiver Killer inserts &
the toes have been shimmed to give a +2mm delta angle. 
Total weight per pair mounted is 6179g due to their twin metal layer construction.
The Brahma is a superb hard snow performance carver but it's 88mm width & forgiving rockered tip make it an excellent all terrain ski in it's own right, especially when all the off-piste is tracked out.

The above skis are all fitted with the excellent electronic Resqski lost ski finder system.

Colltex camlock mix skins. These skins are a mix of 65% mohair/35% synthetic
skins are super durable & excellent in all conditions.

Scott X-Plor two part length adjustable aluminium freeride touring poles. 
Great feel/swingweight with a very sturdy/secure locking mechanism & Scott's superb grip & strap. 

Dynafit Mercury TF with factory liner.
Custom footbeds, fitting & alignment shims by the superb Colin Martin & 
Andi McCann at Solutions4Feet. The downhill performance & walk/tour mode on these boots is superb yet they weigh in at only 1746g each including the footbeds & shims!

Giro Seam helmet.
Dainese Impact Plus shorts.
Black Diamond Telekneesis knee pads.

Eye Wear
Oakley A Frame goggles with Fire Iridium lens for mid-bright light.
Oakley A Frames goggles with Hi Yellow lens for low-mid light.
Oakley M Frame sunnies with Black Iridium, Fire Iridium & Persimmon interchangeable lenses.
Oakley are expensive but their lens quality & customer service is second to none.

Scott Air 30 RAS with carbon cylinder. The Snowpulse removable airbag system (RAS) makes this pack superb versatile as the system can be removed & packed in hold luggage for air travel leaving the backpack for use as hand luggage. My boots also fit in it so can be carried as hand luggage which saves a lot of luggage allowance. The build quality/durability of this pack is excellent & the 'one handed' releasable metal waist/chest buckles & the built-in back protector are great features.

Avalanche Gear
BCA Tracker 2 digital transceiver, Black Diamond carbon probe & BCA metal shovel. Plus airbag backpack as above. 

In my backpack I carry a Leatherman ‘Wave' tool c/w ‘bit kit', a no.2 pozi bit for my Quiver Killer binding screws, plus a mini alu-oxide stone & a Moonflex 200grit mini diamond file. Back at the chalet I have a tuppaware box containing all the bits you'd expect a tuning geek to carry!

Arc'teryx Sidewinder SV hard shell jacket in Goretex Pro Shell fabric. Simply the mutts nuts.
Arc'teryx Minuteman shell pants in Goretex XCR fabric. As above!
Thorlos Thermolite eXtreme Level 1 socks.
Patagonia Capilene 2 capri length base layer leggings.                                                                                                         
Embers merino wool base layer tops. 
Arc'teryx Delta LT zip neck lightweight mid-layer.
Arc'teryx Atom LT gillet vest.                                                                                                                                                  
Arc'teryx Thorium AR down mid-layer/jacket.
Oakley Factory Pilot MTB gloves for down to about -8C after that my Kinco 901 gloves come out of my backpack.

Boot Dryers
Thermic electric warmers. A brilliant piece of kit!

S&R Deluxe wheelie holdall c/w boot compartment at each end. I've removed the metal retractable handle to reduce weight.
Nevisport double ski bag. Easily holds either two pairs of flat packed Quiver Killer'd skis & my bindings or three pairs of flat packed Quiver Killer'd ski (with my bindings in my hold luggage) plus my poles, shovel, probe & tuning kit - with either option weighing in the low cost airlines weight allowance.