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There really is no contest when it comes to performance which is why we stock Colltex skins. Colltex are Europe's premium ski climbing skin manufacturers with years of experience in producing climbing skins.

New for this winter, the Colltex Whizzz is the first ski climbing skin which doesn't need a sheet between the skins to stop them sticking together. You simply stick them sticky side to sticky side and fold/roll them upwhich is faster and much safer when in precarious positions. You still get the mesh sheets to put on the skins for drying/storage etc but they're not needed in use. And eventually when the skin needs regluing, unlike regular skin adhesive whichis very difficult/messy to remove prior to re-gluingthe Whizz glue is available on a roll which is simply ironed on over the top of the old glue.

Mixed fibre skins are the best type to use as they're mostsuited to conditions where snow temperatues can vary greatly, making them especially suitable for European snow conditions. Whilst modern nylon skins may glide as well as mohair & mixed fibre skins they tend to have serious problems with balling up when used in wetter snow conditions in places such as Europe. The mixed fibre Colltex skins are the intelligent choice for ski tourers & ski mountaineers wanting reliable performance in a range of snow conditions & temperatures.

Colltex's Mix skins are aperfect combination of 65% mohair& 35% polyamid synthetic fibres to give superb gliding properties& excellent durability so you get effortless climbing&excellent durabilityto givemany years of service. They are the perfect choice for the all round backcountry skier & expeditionist demanding performance& versatility from their equipment.

And Colltex's metal tip loop and market leading Camlock tail fitting system is the best on the market.

The skins are 1.85m long& come inwidths of120mm 130mm & 140mm for trimmingto fit your skis perfectly. Select the width of your skins based upon the maximum width of your skis at the tip.

Fitting instructions& a trimming tool are included in the kit but if you need any help go to the Colltex channel on YouTube & you'll find a series of excellent of videos on fitting, use & maintenance etc: https://www.youtube.com/user/colltex1000

Whilst the Colltex skins are straightforward to cut/fit Jon also offers a fitting service at a cost of 25.00.

And for occasional use on wide freeride skis Colltex offer the same skin construction in a split skin with a tip fixing only. These are 2m long & only need trimming for length. Split skins are also ideal if you want to share one pair of skins across different width skis. Due to their reduced surface area the Split Skins are only available with a regular adhesive backing & not the Whizz adhesive.


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Colltex Camlock + Whizz Skin Kit, 130mm

£165.00 (including 20 % tax)

Colltex Camlock + Whizz Skin Kit, 140mm

£170.00 (including 20 % tax)

Colltex Freeride Split Skins

£140.00 (including 20 % tax)

Colltex Skin Clip 70+

£18.00 (including 20 % tax)